Robbers cracked Bank of Baroda locker room in Hollywood film style


In a bank robbery reminiscent of a 90's Bollywood heist film, a group of expert thieves dug a 25-feet tunnel to reach the lockers of a bank in Navi Mumbai and fled with valuables worth crores.

Navi Mumbai: Juhinagar branch of Bank of Baroda in Navi Mumbai was on the target of bank robbers, who performed their activities on the lines of a British Hollywood film, "The Bank Job'". Around a month ago, Mr. Prasad, who had rented the space from owner Sharad Kothavle, told the owner that he was going to his home town, and two employees would manage the shop in the meantime.

Bank officials called the locker owners to the bank, and the police have been recording their statements. When the customer and a bank officer entered the locker room, they found that 27 lockers had been looted. Since then, they reportedly dug the tunnel which stretched to 25-feet, to reach the locker room of the Bank of Baroda branch.

Thieves dug about 30 feet long, an underground tunnel which leads to the locker room of the bank of Baroda. In the tunnel, they took support of the pillars and used plywood to ensure that it doesn't fall.

Around 10 police teams are working on the case.

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The bank has closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras, but none inside the locker room.

It was reported that the robbers allegedly robbed valuables worth over Rs 40 lakh.

Anxious customers gathered outside the bank on Monday morning.

In June this year, Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and other public sector banks, in a reply to a RTI said that banks have no liability for loss of valuables in locker, the reason being "the relationship they have with customers with regard to lockers is that of lessee (landlord) and lessor (tenant)".