Meghan Markle officially won't be returning to 'Suits'


In September her co-star Adams tweeted a photo of him kissing Meghan on the cheek but was unprepared for the storm it caused.

Markle has made headlines during the past year for her off-screen romantic involvement with Britain's Prince Harry. Page Six is pretty sure Markle's decision is based on her new full-time job, the title of which is "Stepping Out In Public With Prince Harry", though she's also maintaining an unsalaried passion project as "Chief Marriage Rumor Mill Generator".

Both Adams, 36, and Markle, also 36, have been on the show since its premiere in 2011.

"He was always leaving the show".

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His and Meghan's contracts are up at the end of season seven, the current series, and he's believed to want to take some time off. They were waiting for Gabriel Macht to sign. "He's going back so there will be a season 8 and as of now, 9", the source revealed. According to THR, there's a chance that, should he exit, Adams could return in a limited capacity, either as a guest or recurring star, or director. "She loved being on the show, and we loved having her on the show, that's why we're doing the spin-off".

This article contains spoilers for season seven of Suits.

A few days ago, it was reported that Markle and Adams filmed wedding scenes for an upcoming episode. This confirms that insider's claim.

Aaron Korsh, the creator of the show, confirmed her character would be tying the knot this season. Reports suggest that the makers are looking at renewing the show for the eighth season. Who is Harvey without his bromance with Mike?