Gamestop Temporarily Halts Used Game Rental Program Roll-out


However, by not announcing a reinstatement date for PowerPass (and by being ambiguous about why it was paused in the first place), GameStop has raised a few red flags. Essentially, it turned your local GameStop into a video game library.

When we reported on it last month, many seemed eager and excited for the GameStop PowerPass rental program, which allowed people to pay $60 and rent one used game at a time from a physical GameStop store for a period of six months, trading out the game as often as you would like.

The spokesperson specified that the roll out was being paused due to "program limitations".

According to leaked documentation regarding PowerPass, the service was supposed to officially launch on November 19. Were you looking forward to the GameStop rental program?

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Update: Asked for comment, GameStop replied to Polygon with this statement.

GameStop will also be offering full refunds for those who have already purchased the PowerPass service, provided they return their pass and the video game they have checked out.

For now, buying games at GameStop requires old-fashioned monetary exchange. "In addition, we will allow them to pick out any Pre-Owned game for free".

Assuming PowerPass is relaunched in a functional manner sometime in 2018, this is still not the outcome GameStop wanted right now. Still, even in areas with poor download speeds or rampant data caps from ISPs, customers might be inclined to order new games from Amazon rather than go to a retail outlet. According to GameStop's spokesperson, the company ran into several issues with the program in testing it for launch. In the meantime, one alternative would be Microsoft's Game Pass program, which gives Xbox owners access to 100 Xbox One and Xbox 360 games for $10 per month.