Facebook Is Making Changes to Stories after Slow User Adoption


Facebook described the change in a recent post under its Messenger account, saying that Messenger Day and Facebook Stories will be merged via a new "experience" it simply calls Stories.

Last year, Facebook introduced a Snapchat-like Stories feature to its Instagram app. The company says this will make it easier for users to share content across both services, while also noting that some people were already under the impression that stories posted to Messenger were also posted to Facebook. Having separate versions for Facebook and Messenger made no sense anyway and might be one of the reasons why they're nowhere near as successful as their counterpart on Instagram. If you open them in one app, they are marked as viewed in the other app.

I think it's only a matter of time before Facebook gives users the option to sync Stories across Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and maybe even WhatsApp.

All of this might sound confusing, but thats because it is. So, now the twenty-four-hour short-lived stories would be appearing in both the Messenger and Facebook app, and if viewed in either one of the apps then it would not be showing unviewed in the other app. Now, the count is down to three, which is still three too many.

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In order to get a better sense of these changes, I spoke with Facebook Project Manager Connor Hayes and Messenger Project Manager Paulina Bozek, who walked me through what we can all expect when the new experience rolls out on November 13.

Capitalising on the shortfalls of Snapchat Stories, Facebook aims to enable greater interaction across the app, thereby creating sharing opportunities for its users form different demographics and encourage original content sharing, rather than generic link sharing. Instead, all the responses, stories, and Facebook camera texts would be routed via Messenger. Starting today, users of Facebook Groups and Events will be able to contribute to a Story visible to the rest of the members and moderated by the admins.

Update: This post has been updated to clarify Stories from Groups, Events and Pages will not be available in Messenger. People will see Stories on their Event and Group pages, as well as atop their News Feed.