Bill Gates is building a "smart city" in Arizona


There is also around 3,800 acres devoted to office, commercial, and retail space, with 470 acres set aside for public schools.

Bill Gates the world's wealthiest man has initiated to lay plans relating the making of a "smart city" for people to assimilate new technologies into their lifestyles. Why not buy land to create the basis for a future city? It's not clear how involved Gates will be in Belmont, but the smart city's goals appear similar to those of Alphabet and Amazon.

Larry Yount, Manager of Belmont Partners, added, "The Belmont development exemplifies the big picture-thinking that has been a unique hallmark of Arizona's history of economic development".

Arizona-based Belmont Partners, one of Gates' investment firms, purchased close to 10,000 hectares of land in Tonopah, according to Fox News.

'Comparable in square miles and projected population to Tempe, Arizona, Belmont will transform a raw, blank slate into a purpose-built edge city built around a flexible infrastructure model'. The area has been poised for development since the early 1990s, but plans have stalled several times.

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While it has not been announced when construction will begin, or what the total cost will amount to, there is real excitement over the prospect of chiseling a new city of the future out of a remote plot of land. Temperatures in the area can reach as high as 45C in the summer months.

The proposed planned community is the flawless intersection of Gates' interests in philanthropy and technology.

"The experimentation that takes place in this new community has the potential to demonstrate the viability of new smart city concepts and serve as an example for cities nationwide and globally", Brooks Rainwater, the director of the City Solutions and Applied Research Center at the National League of Cities, told Business Insider. "Finally Arizona's getting recognized for being a place for innovation".

"Belmont is an incredible opportunity for the state of Arizona", Grady Gammage, Jr., an attorney representing Belmont Partners, said in a statement. A private, independently-funded venture limited to a single geographic location could simplify that process-plus Bill Gates' name attached to the project doesn't hurt when requesting proposals.