Google to remove apps from Play Store if found in violation


Google is cracking down on Accessibility Services that are used by apps and various developers of well-known apps. However, the new feature still won't allow you uninstall preinstalled apps. Well, Google seems to be focused on resolving all these issues and relieve users of the storage space related concerns.

Google will be removing all apps where the Accessibility Services is used inappropriately. Google has sent out emails to developers who have been using the API for non-accessibility purposes, warning them that their app could be removed from the Play Store. Some apps that use these services include Battery Saver, LastPass, Universal Copy, Cerberus, Split-screen creator, Tasker, Clipboard Actions, etc.

To better help disabled users, Android has a set of Accessibility Services that developers can use to improve their applications. Google is apparently bringing a feature with Oreo 8.1 update which will clear storage by reducing the size of inactive apps. Several developers have reported getting the email from the Google Play Team. The new crack down on this specific API likely has to do with security and safety.

It will also tell you how it's draining it, like the Maps or Tile app constantly requests your location or the Fenix app keeps your device awake.

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There is a huge risk when it comes to Accessibility Services. While this makes it easier for users to sign in with a simple tap, their credentials can be used for malicious purposes. There are also suggestions about showing non-app reasons for battery drainage, but that will probably be in the future. While applications like LastPass use the available APIs to identify password fields in other apps, this level of access can be used maleficently.

In the email Google is sending out to developers, Google reminds the developers that Accessibility Services was put there to help those people on Android with disabilities.

"Like the other policy that basically says that "apps that crash violate developer policy and can be taken down" this new statement is too vague". Apps that fail to meet this requirement within 30 days may be removed from Google Play. If the developer chooses, they can also remove the services from their app within those 30 days as well.