Floor collapses during packed party at North Texas apartment


The collapse was captured on cellphone video.

Many who were at the party could be seen crawling over beams and plywood after the collapse.

The floor of an apartment complex in Denton, Texas, collapsed early Sunday morning, after a large group of party-goers were jumping forcefully.

A fire marshal said water pipes were damaged when the floor collapsed, causing water to leak into the second storey of the building.

Amazingly people only suffered minor injuries when they fell through the floor in Denton, Texas.

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Carley Carroll is a UNT sophomore who lives on the second floor directly below the unit that collapsed. Moments before the collapse, two of the tenants drove to the police department to report the loud party that shook their home.

"They have parties quite a bit, nearly every weekend", Carley Carroll told NewsFix. I told my roommate, 'We're leaving.

"The Ridge is a private facility in the City of Denton, and any information regarding the incident would need to come from either the property owner or operator, and the City of Denton PIO", a University of North Texas spokesperson said.

"A vast choice of amenities and its friendly staff create a worry-free environment that allows residents to focus on the most important thing - being a successful college student", according to the complex website.

Students affected by the collapse said the apartment management company and university have secured places for them to stay, mostly in hotels or dorms.