Cavaliers Take The New York City Subway After Morning Shootaround


In a video posted on the Uninterrupted Twitter page, LeBron is shown taking a video on the subway while sitting next to Kyle Korver.

And so the team, decked out in Cavaliers gear, hit the subway.

The Cavaliers made a decision to take the train to commute back from Madison Square Garden after a shoot around, instead of traveling above ground and get stuck in traffic. "Subwayman" who got angry at LeBron James for filming him.

"On our way back from shootaround. chose to take a different transportation this time", James says in the Uninterrupted video. "We had two options: A 45-minute bus ride or a six-minute train ride".

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Another Knicks fan is also heard talking up Kristaps Porzingis when he sees the Cavaliers walking by.

If you've ever been to New York City, you'll know that the subway will get you to your destination much faster than a auto or bus.

Cleveland faces the New York Knicks Monday evening, but took some time to be "like real citizens", according to J.R. Smith. "As long as I'm getting on the right (expletive) train that's all I care about", he said.

Isaiah Thomas "knew" Boston would be a good team, but even he's surprised by the Celtics' 12-game winning streak. The Cavaliers are in town on Monday, so LeBron's comments should give the Knicks plenty of bulletin-board material.