Face ID Tricked By A $150 Mask: Should iPhone X Owners Worry?


The mask was created by 3D-printing the face model and then using a special "skin" material that Face ID would recognize, while the eye portions are nothing more than 2D images. However, reports such as this, along with the recent allegations that even the face of a sibling of a different age can beat Face ID, may start making iPhone X owners and potential customers anxious.

Not really. The security firm also acknowledges that "normal people" shouldn't be anxious about their iPhone X Face ID being compromised by such masks, as the effort it takes to make such masks is simply too much. These are actual masks used by the engineering team to train the neural network to protect against them in Face ID. Bkav, however, took a different approach. In case of Apple iPhone X, for the first time, a majority of users have indicated preference for the highest storage models with over 57% opting for the 256GB model. Really hard to do the "right" mask, without a specific knowledge security.

A week after the iPhone X officially went on sale, the Vietnamese company Bkav have proven that facial recognition is not an effective security measure.

Shapovalov eliminated from Next Gen Finals after loss to Rublev
One more point and he could force a tie-break, and from there a fifth set, but Medvedev could not save a third match point. That was the turning point for the South Korean, who won the next two sets to seal the title in an hour and 57 minutes.

Apple claimed that there's a one in one million chance that a random person's face would fool Face ID and unlock the iPhone X. But we are increasingly seeing videos and reports that suggest that the advanced security feature can be breached by not just your identical twin but by a stranger who looks somewhat similar to you.

Does this mean that iPhone X owners should worry? Touch ID had become an integral part of iOS, making the iPhone easier to use while also increasing security.

It is probable that iPad will follow the iPhone X in terms of phone locking systems and the multitasking gestures. For any further need, you can take notes.