Mobile's LTE-Advanced Wireless Network Now Covers Over 920 Markets


With platforms such as the Snapdragon 835, which integrated the Qualcomm X16 gigabit-class modem, high-end handsets can operate with networks such as T-Mobile's and reach the full potential of the network.

T-Mobile has been rolling out LTE Advanced technologies in the network since 2014 and was first globally with 4X4 MIMO and first in the United States with 256 QAM.

In San Jose, California, T-Mobile and Qualcomm jointly announced that T-Mobile users across hundreds of markets would see their maximum broadband speed climb, thanks to the roll out of a combination of technologies from both companies. If you get LTE-A in your area, ideally you will get double your usual download speeds and if you have the aforementioned three technologies, then you get another double speed.

The Gigabit LTE demonstration combined three technologies seen as key stepping stones in the development of 5G: carrier aggregation, 4x4 MIMO (multiple input, multiple output), and 256QAM.

LTE Advanced is a broad definition of high-speed LTE, while Gigabit-Class LTE typically means 0.8 Gbps and above.

Some of the benefits outlined by demonstrators were things like greater network capacity, super fast downloads of media, and nearly instant access to files stored in the cloud.

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"This is what I'm talking about when I say T-Mobile has America's best unlimited network and the only one goal built for unlimited", said Neville Ray, Chief Technology Officer for T-Mobile. "Gigabit Class LTE technology is part of the secret sauce behind our success", Ray added. The next generation of LTE, the "contentious" LTE Advanced is also now available in more than 920 markets. In addition, the capacity and speed capabilities of the Un-carrier's LAA small cell deployment pave the way for 5G with a dense upgradable infrastructure.

T-Mobile has been rolling out LTE Advanced technologies in the network since 2014 and according to the company, was first globally with 4X4 MIMO and first in the USA with 256 QAM.

There are other major carriers getting into gigabit LTE including Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T. these companies are also investing in the expansion.

The Gigabit LTE is actually preparing networks and consumers for the future 5G, which is still a few years far off but hopefully will arrive eventually. To qualify, customers need two or more paid voice lines on T-Mobile One. The "Un-carrier" previously said it was rolling out LTE-U, the precursor to LAA but hasn't revealed how much LAA has been deployed or where, only to say it's "on the horizon".

In September, T-Mobile unveiled Netflix On Us.

On all T-Mobile plans, during congestion the small fraction of customers using 50GB/mo may notice reduced speeds due to prioritization.