Sturgill Simpson stages own concert outside CMA Awards


Sturgill Simpson is a rare breed in the world of country music, part of a relatively recent crop of artists whose work is rooted in country but inflected with elements of rock, blues, and soul, making it appealing to a broader demographic of fans than the more traditional Nashville fare. "So I thought I'd come down here and play some country music, since we're celebrating it this evening in Nashville, Tennessee". When asked if he and his wife Trisha Yearwood could be considered the first couple of country, Garth Brooks gave all the credit to Trisha and said she makes any couple a great couple.

It certainly didn't hurt him everywhere - at the Grammys Simpson's latest, A Sailor's Guide To Earth was nominated for Best Album Of The Year and Best Country Album Of The Year, winning the latter.

He joked that he wasn't allowed into the ceremony - he did not receive any nominations this year.

Flanked by a sign that read, "I don't take requests but I take questions on anything you want to talk about.because fascism sucks", Simpson riffed on an impossibly wide variety of topics and also collected donations for the ACLU.

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"The best thing we can do is acknowledge it, pay our respects, and then perform this music and use this music for what it's best at, which is unifying and giving us joy and finding the light here", Mr. Paisley said as he opened the CMA Awards, People magazine reported. After intense backlash, the CMA apologized and lifted the restrictions.

Another: "Struggling country singer..." The big show. They were all out of seats.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday night, Simpson fielded all kinds of questions, including who he wanted to win a CMA.

On the video, Simpson says he doesn't know numerous honorees inside the awards and adds that he is hoping Jason Isbell, Miranda Lambert and fellow Kentuckian Chris Stapleton win.