Nintendo to Boost Produce Between 25 and 30 Million Switches Next Year


If interest persists, it's plausible that the Switch could one day outsell the original Wii, the company's most popular home console to date with more than 100 million units shipped.

The Switch has gone well beyond Nintendo's expectations, as the company only expected to sell about 10 million units in the first fiscal year.

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The Switch has been an unequivocal success for Nintendo, but if there's one area where the company has faltered, it has been producing enough supply to meet the voracious demand. Although Nintendo has already informed business partners of its decision, the plan is still in an early stage. Combined with sales from its launch month in March, that will bring it to a total of almost 17 million units in its 13 months of availability. Right now, the Switch is sitting on roughly 7.5 million units sold in eight months worldwide - that's based off a number at the start of October, so it's likely higher, and Nintendo is waiting for holiday/Black Friday sales to give us another figure.

PlayStation 4, meanwhile, would remain the market leader by a healthy margin. Still, if Nintendo could maintain a pace of 30 million or more units sold a year, that would seem to put the PlayStation 4 within striking distance at some distant point in the consoles' lifecycles, depending on how long each lasts. Nomura Securities analyst Junko Yamamura, the outlet says, predicts the console will sell "115.8 million units by March 2023".