NY attack: Police search terror suspect Sayfullo Saipov's New Jersey home


Saipov previously lived in OH and Florida.

He allegedly ran over several people, with eight left dead, including a group of Argentinians in the city to celebrate their 30th high school reunion and at least one Belgian citizen.

According to the apartment building manager, the family moved into their two-bedroom apartment less than a year ago.

The city is home to a large Muslim population and a mosque is near the apartment.

People have been calling in threats to mosques following this week's terror attack in Lower Manhattan, according to the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

The two neighbors said they had little interaction with the 29-year-old suspect, Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov, or the two other men, but that they'd seen them in front of Saipov's home on their phones or in gym clothes "stretching and flexing in front of the house". Saipov reportedly rented the Home Depot truck used in the attack from the Passaic location. Investigators surrounded a white Toyota minivan with Florida plates, which is believed to be Saipov's personal vehicle.

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Numerous law enforcement officers also were seen at the Passaic Home Depot Tuesday evening. He estimates they rode in it four or five times in that time period, usually in the afternoon.

By December 2015, however, Saipov failed to renew the truck's registration, making it illegal for him to drive it.

The last time Batista says he thinks the last time he saw the two men was on Monday.

"They didn't' even have one piece of wood in it", he says. "And I do construction, so I know when somebody is doing some type of work".

Friends and acquaintances said since he came to the US, Saipov worked intermittently as a truck driver and an Uber driver, but some said he had a bad temper and lost driving jobs because of it.

In the halal bakeries and markets that line Main Street, and in mosques that have been part of the community for decades, a familiar dread has taken hold after the latest terror attack in the U.S.