Patient Sweats Blood, Diagnosed With Rare Condition


The freakish symptoms have plagued the woman for the last three years and regularly leave her hands and face in a gory state.

Italian doctors have been baffled by the case of a 21-year-old woman who sweats blood from her face and the palms of her hands.

Canadian medical historian Jacalyn Duffin says there has been a recent spike in occurrences of the disorder, with at least 18 cases of hematohidrosis reported since 2000.

In the extremely unusual case, the spontaneous bleeding lasts anywhere between one and five minutes.

The Italian specialists said there was no undeniable trigger for the peculiar condition, which happened when she practiced and even dozed.

A medical historian tells the CBC she was at first wary anyone could actually sweat blood, but after research reaching back to Aristotle's time (and her find of almost 20 cases since 2000), she now believes the condition exists. She was diagnosed with a rare condition in which blood oozes from intact skin and membranes, according to the National Institutes of Health's Genetic and Rare Diseases Information Center (GARD).

The 21-year-old woman diagnosed with the rare condition was given beta blockers, which have substantially reduced her symptoms but has not completely stopped them.

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It often occurs in people who are suffering extreme stress.

However, nobody knows what causes the condition.

It triggers the body to discharge chemicals like adrenaline and cortisol to set us up to keep running from peril or battle it.

In some instances it is thought the fight or flight response can rupture tiny blood vessels throughout the body, called capillaries. Experts are stunned to see bleeding without any cuts on the face, and it seems like the girl sweats blood.

But now the little tot bleeds from her mouth, ears and eyes nearly every day despite having no visible marks, leaving her exhausted and with crippling migraines.

A few vessels are found close sweat organs, so one hypothesis proposes that when they burst the blood leaves the body through the sweat organs.

Her desperate parents Nazima Begum, 28, and Mohammed Afzal, 33, have spent more than a thousand pounds on tests.