Dragon Ball FighterZ Lets Rip with a Western Release Date


In a listing for the Dragon Ball FighterZ Ultimate Edition Bundle on the Microsoft Store, it's been confirmed that the game's Season Pass will include 8 new characters. According to the company, Tapion and Android 13 will be making their way into the game later this year for the fighter. Up until that point, there hasn't been a confirmed worldwide release date for FighterZ, but those dates being confirmed now provide Dragon Ball fans with a solid date to base their expectations on. Both characters will be released as paid DLC, though Bandai didn't have any information on how much the characters would cost. Tapion has the ability to take his foes with his sword and can also support allies by creating a barrier. This season pass-like option that's being called the FighterZ Pass guarantees eight DLC fighters later on, and it can be purchased with separate from the base game for $34.99. Android 13 has a powerful weapon as he is able to read your enemies' data to track and attack them from a long range. You can check out the new screens for the upcoming content down below.

Last but not least, it has been confirmed that Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 will have a local versus mode with several environments to duke it out in; and that the will run at 60 fps on all platforms, allowing for a smoother experience with highly animated fights.

Recently, Xbox Live Store listed an Ultimate Edition of the game that is also available for pre-order on the store.

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An all new mode will appear in Conton City with the next free update also coming this Autumn.

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