University of Louisville Officially Fires Rick Pitino


Pitino was placed on administrative leave one day after federal prosecutors in NY released a series of criminal complaints involving corruption and bribery in NCAA men's basketball, including the alleged bribing of a UofL recruit in a scheme that involved multiple agents, a high-level Adidas executive and at least one UofL coach.

Pitino has been on administrative leave since September 27.

Rick Pitino passed a lie detector test that asked him if he knew a University of Louisville basketball recruit's family was being paid, according to documents made public by the suspended coach's attorney. The ULAA resolution stated that Pitino's "actions (and inactions) violate sections 6.1.1, 6.1.2 and 6.1.3 of his employment contract and warrant termination for just cause". "But I vehemently reject its right to do so "for cause.' I have given no 'cause" for termination of my contract".

Pitino, in an affidavit presented Monday to the athletics board, said he "had no part - active, passive or through willful ignorance" in the activities alleged in an FBI investigation.

"I had no reason to know about the conspiracy described in the complaint, and no reason to know about the complicity of any UL assistant coach or staff member in any bribery conspiracy", Pitino said in the affidavit presented Monday to the Louisville athletic board.

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Former Louisville Cardinals head basketball coach Rick Pitino no longer has a contract with Adidas.

Pitino says the board's claims in its October 4 letter "impugn my integrity, honesty, and commitment to ethics in sports". Had Pitino been fired without cause, he would have been owed between $44 million and $55 million according to Bleacher Report. He ends his tenure with a 415-and-141 record. A member of the Basketball Hall of Fame, he also won a national championship at Kentucky in 1996.

Pitino reportedly pocketed as much as 98 percent of the school's five-year, $39 million deal with Adidas while leaving less than a million for the school and the program.

Ten people that have been arrested in the corruption case, including four college assistant coaches and an Adidas executive.