Bill signed by Gov. Brown marks milestone for nonbinary people


The bill would have required any presidential candidate to disclose five years of income tax returns in order to be included on California's primary election ballot.

It would have created a state mandated system of cell towers every couple of hundred feet apart in California, said opponents. "First, it may not be constitutional".

Brown, a fourth-term governor and one-time presidential hopeful who didn't release his income tax returns to voters in previous elections, said the proposal would set a "slippery slope" for future elections.

"Today we require tax returns but what would be next?" A certified birth certificate?

Christian Titman, a member of the Pit River Tribe, was allowed to wear a feather to his graduation from Clovis High School in 2015 after suing his school district. "And will these requirements vary depending on which political party is in power?" he questioned.

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The bill's constitutionality was a matter of debate. California's legislative counsel released an opinion suggesting that a tax disclosure requirement would be unconstitutional.

SB179 by state Sens.

Showing a libertarian streak, Brown this year blocked, yet again, bills to ban smoking in parks and beaches, legislation to enshrine Obama-era sexual harassment guidance for colleges into state law, and legislation to promote equal pay for men and women by forbidding employers to inquire about salary history.

Atkins said the bill helps those whose gender presentation does not match their identification documents, which "can be extremely stressful and lead to harassment" when a person is traveling or other instances when they need to show ID. "The American people shouldn't be in the dark about their president's financial entanglements". The issue of Mr. Trump's unwillingness to turn over his tax documents became an issue of contention throughout the 2016 campaign, making him the only president since Gerald Ford not to follow the long-held tradition. The California legislation was an effort to ensure it would not happen in 2020, should Trump run for re-election.