Toyota's Hydrogen Fuel Cell Truck to Run Routes in California


To test out the viability of this application, Toyota will enlist its Project Portal fuel cell truck to haul goods between the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach and to surrounding warehouses and rail yards.

Toyota's Hydrogen Fuel Cell powered Class-8 proof-of-concept is seen operating in the Port of Long Beach. The zero-emission class 8 truck has completed more than 4,000 development miles, while progressively pulling drayage rated cargo weight, and emitting nothing but water vapour.

Project Portal has already completed more than 4,000 successful miles of testing while pulling drayage-rated cargo and will begin moving goods from select Port of Los Angeles and Long Beach terminals to surrounding rail yards and warehouses for distribution on October 23. But the Project Portal truck will operate within a confined area, never straying too far from a source of fuel.

The pilot is created to help Toyota see what the impact of frequent cycling of its fuel cell system will do to the packs, as they'll be refueled often to run the short-haul trips.

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The UAE's first hydrogen station for fuel cell electric vehicles has been opened by Toyota distributor Al Futtaim Motors in partnership with Air Liquide in Dubai, according to the Emirates News Agency (WAM).

"Toyota has led the way in expanding the understanding and adoption of fuel cell technology".

Powered by the same technology that propels the Mirai hydrogen vehicle (driven here), the truck version has two fuel cell stacks, rather than the single stack found in the auto.

Japanese automaker Toyota is serious about perfecting hydrogen fuel cell technology to power its vehicles, and it's scheduled an initial feasibility study operations for its zero-emissions heavy-duty truck a little over a week from today. Toyota estimates range at more than 200 miles, so frequent fill ups won't be necessary, either.