Trump Suggests Revoking Licenses For 'Partisan' Network News Outlets


Trump is not the first POTUS to try and challenge the FCC broadcast station licenses of media companies with news organizations whose reporting he didn't agree with. Frank Pallone, of New Jersey, the top Democrat on the Energy and Commerce Committee that oversees the agency.

ABC, owned by Walt Disney, declined to comment. Nixon was unhappy with the Washington Post Company and how they were going after his presidency, and they did a damn good job of it, so he made a decision to have his little acolytes go out there in places like Jacksonville, Florida and Miami, Florida and attempt to get the local news stations there pulled off the air because they were owned by the Washington Post Company.

Known from not backing down quickly, President Trump has increased his dissatisfaction with his so-called #FakeNews media by wishing their respective licenses be revoked. This threat alone may already be chilling free speech across the country. Setting aside the fact that the FCC doesn't license cable channels, these demands are fundamentally at odds with our legal and cultural traditions. "Not fair to public!"

U.S. President Donald Trump suggested challenging licenses for NBC and other broadcast news networks following reports by NBC News that his secretary of state had called him a "moron" after a discussion of the U.S. nuclear arsenal.

"It is contrary to this fundamental right for any government official to threaten the revocation of an FCC license simply because of a disagreement with the reporting of a journalist", Smith said in a statement.

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Over the past few days, the President has repeatedly attacked news outlets and their FCC licenses. NBC essentially creates the content and then local stations air it, no matter what it is. Broadcast attorneys with decades of experience said they couldn't recall the FCC retracting a license because of what is broadcast.

Still, the presidential threat evoked memories of intimidation by President Richard Nixon, who urged his lieutenants to interfere with the renewal of the Washington Post's licenses for Florida TV stations in 1972.

On Twitter, Republican Sen.

Donald Trump decides to go into full dictator mode and say, "We're going to possibly consider revoking your license to broadcast here in the United States". The most recent tweet appeared to answer that question. On Thursday, he tweeted from Indianapolis about the road trip with internet entrepreneur Steve Case.