Stranger Things 2: Main poster and key art


Stranger Things has never shied away from weird happenings, but as fans eagerly await the premiere of the second season it's very safe to say that the show's official teasers are getting more than a little. well, strange. Episodes 1 through 6 will likely be titled, "Madmax", "Trick or Treat Freak", "The Pollywog", "Will the Wise", "Dig Dug", and "The Spy".

If you missed the boat when the first season premiered last July, it's okay, because I hope that you're caught up by now and won't let that happen again, because the new batch of episodes is going to be incredible.

So stock up on the Eggos and check back for the second teaser tomorrow, because this is one scare you won't waffle mix.

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Netflix has uploaded a short teaser clip on Twitter showing the titles of the first six episodes in a style reminiscent of Stephen King's horror novels and in homage to '80s arcade video games. Totally. But let's see what we can parse from the episode titles alone. Chances are you, or someone you know is completely obsessed with the show.

Last year, S U R V I V E's Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein said they'd be shocked if the Duffer Brothers went with someone else to make the music for Stranger Things Season Two. If you can't remember that trailer or just weren't alive yet, watch it here. In the most recent video, the title card to go along with "The Pollywog" is a black, goop-y creature in a trash can (which certainly looks like the same shaking trash can that Dustin goes to investigate in the trailer). "We've created new elements that are necessary to support the story, but still want to remain true to the sound of Season One". Or maybe his older brother, Jonathan, sacrifices himself to save Will once and for all?

All episodes of Stranger Things season two will arrive on Netflix on October 27th, exactly two weeks from tomorrow's final trailer.