Samung is working to improve Bixby, version 2.0 could arrive next week


The Korea Herald also notes that Version 2.0 may integrate with third-party services and devices other than smartphones.

Samsung's Bixby digital assistant wasn't greeted with the enthusiasm that Samsung might have hoped it would when it first launched.

Former vice chief of Samsung Research in America, Chung Eui-suk, is now the head of Samsung's service intelligence group at its headquarters in South Korea, having been appointed to over see the next steps for Bixby which will aim to reverse the lacklustre response the virtual assistant has had, according to the Korean Herald. Given Samsung's developments in the Smart Home market, it's likely that we'll see some kind of action there. Of course, it also points out that the English version of Bixby was delayed for a couple of months.

Samsung isn't ready to give up on its personal assistant, though, and it has doubled down on an effort to breathe new life into Bixby.

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The Herald reports that Samsung has drawn in extra talent to boost the endeavour, with Samsung Research America's vice chief Chung Eui-suk now heading the service intelligence group in Korea, which is responsible for Bixby. Currently, Bixby shined most when it is used to change deep settings on your Android phone, such as activating Bluetooth tethering by voice.

We've already seen Bixby make its way to Samsung's incoming Gear IconX wireless earbuds, but we've yet to see the assistant appear on any of Samsung's smartwatches.

Bixby might not ever become as popular or powerful as Google Assistant or Amazon's Alexa, but with a new exec leading the charge and a big 2.0 release less than a week away, it certainly seems like Samsung is going to try it's best to do so.