Rose McGowan back on Twitter


Actress Rose McGowan claims her Twitter account has been suspended, just days after she was linked to the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault scandal.

In her latest tweets, McGowan said she had sold a script to Amazon, which was in development, when she learned a "Weinstein bailout was in the works".

McGowan published a screen shot of the message she had received from Twitter, advising her that she had violated their terms of service and would be locked out of her account for 12 hours.

Twitter says it has clamped down on 10 times as many abusive tweeters as it did a year ago, but Rose McGowan's recent account locking suggests that the efficacy of its approach is still unclear.

Twitter also apologized for the confusion and it insisted that it supports McGowan and other sexual assault survivors' use of the platform to speak out. "We stand with the courageous women and men who use Twitter to share their stories, and will work hard every day to improve our processes to protect those voices", it added. During the suspension she is reportedly unable to send a tweet or a retweet, but her account is now visible.

McGowan has been calling out celebrities and industry insiders including Affleck in Twitter messages accusing them of covering for Weinstein for years.

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For Twitter, dependent on celebrities, the prospect of a showbiz civil war over the Weinstein allegations represents a major problem for the company.

"As long as users are providing the content on social platforms, and these platforms benefit by selling that attention that these users generate, then it makes sense that the users should get a measure of respect", she said. McGowan on Tuesday tweeted "now I am allowed to say rapist". A spokesperson for Twitter AU told Junkee, "We don't comment on individual accounts for privacy and security reasons".

On Wednesday, the actress announced that her account was suspended on Instagram, sharing a screengrab of the notice.

McGowan's suspension was not without a backlash as some, like Ghostbusters director Paul Feig and Doctor Strange filmmaker Scott Derrickson, trashed Twitter for the decision. I expect to start seeing smear stories on her anytime now.

The site reads, "We may suspend an account if it has been reported to us as violating our Rules surrounding abuse".