New Officially Licensed Hori Mini PlayStation 4 Controller


To get a little more specific, two are designated as compact controllers, while the third is a "mini gamepad". Last year, Nacon and Razer released competitive "Pro" controllers to the system.

Nacon unveiled their own Wired Compact Controller range, again featuring smaller grips for younger players.

Each features a range of core controls including twin sticks, directional pad, triggers, bumpers and L3/R3, SHARE, OPTIONS, PS and action buttons.

Sony said Hori's gamepad, out on 6th November, is "an ideal introductory PS4 controller for young players", and called its design "retro inspired". It also has a stereo headset jack, a touchpad, vibration motors and a 3 metre long cable. This range will be available in black, blue, orange, grey and red, with old-school translucent/clear variants coming in red blue and green.

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First up is the Nacon Wired Compact Controller. The colourful range of controllers on display include a small-scale design that is reminiscent of the Nintendo Switch's Joy-Con. Core controls are all present, and like the compact controller from Nacon, @PLAY's features a stereo headset jack, touch pad, vibration motors, and a 3m cable.

Finally we have the HORI Wired Mini Gamepad, which features an incredibly compact design.

You can pick it up from December in Blue, Dark Grey, Red and White across the region. Not just because of the blue and red color options (also available in black), but because of the shape and size as well.

Let us know what you think of the new officially licensed controllers and gamepad in the comments, and find out more about PS4 accessories here.