Jane Fonda 'ashamed' she didn't speak up about Harvey Weinstein sooner


Jane Fonda was told of sexual harassment allegations surrounding Harvey Weinstein past year, the Hollywood actress has revealed.

"I'm ashamed that I didn't say anything right then", Fonda said. She and several other women - from young actresses to A-listers - have come forward with additional sordid stories recalling the times they've been "Harveyed".

The movie producer denies the charges and released a statement earlier this week, through a representative.

The stories revealed that Weinstein's actions were something of an open secret in Hollywood. But Arquette is among the handful of actresses whose experiences with Weinstein were detailed in the New Yorker this week. Arquette has since spoken about the alleged incident in interviews with The New Yorker and The New York Times Back in the early 90s, Arquette said, she was supposed to meet Weinstein for dinner at the Beverly Hills Hotel to pick up a script for an upcoming film.

The Coming Home star told Stephen Sackur in an appearance on BBC HARDtalk: "I couldn't even be a secretary, I got fired as a secretary because I wouldn't sleep with the boss. I guess it hadn't happened to me, and I didn't feel it was my place".

Although Fonda said she has experienced sexual harassment on set and in the workplace, the Hollywood mogul never targeted her since she met him much later in the span of her career. And Harvey goes for young, because that's more vulnerable, you know. When Amanpour asked why she didn't speak up at the time, the actress said: "I was not that bold".

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Fonda co-founded the nonprofit Women's Media Center in 2005.

Fonda told Amanpour that Weinstein's pattern of abuse is not an isolated phenomenon. "Let's not think that this is some unique, horrific..."

"I had one experience with a French director, he was going to cast me in a role that required the character had an orgasm and he said to know whether I should be cast he should find out what orgasms I had".

The actress called harassment an "epidemic", not just in Hollywood but in "the world of business, science, academia, government". "Women are assaulted, abused, harassed and seen for just being sexual objects that are for a man's desire instead of as whole human beings".

"When you are a star, they let you do it", Trump said in his now infamous videotape.