Fetus kicks through uterine wall


She and her child are in stable condition, said the Peking University Shenzhen Hospital in southern China, MailOnline reported.

Initial checks were run for what Zhang was still describing as stomach pains, and it wasn't until specialists conducted an ultrasound on the woman's womb that they realised what had happened.

The hospital posted a statement on its social media page, saying that the woman suffered severe pain for five hours before she was taken to the medical facility.

Doctors said mum and baby are both doing well after the little one's traumatic arrival in the world. Fibroids are tumours that grow in a woman's uterus.

The hospital said: 'The doctor initially suspected uterine rupture, immediately arranged to do B super.

They chose to perform the emergency C-section, and the baby was delivered 10 minutes later.

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Zhong Shilin, Ms Zhang's doctor, claimed to have found a 7cm-long (2.8 inches) rupture on Ms Zhang's uterus.

Doctor Zhang Lei said the woman had been left with a scar on the uterus wall from the previous surgery, and the fetus ruptured it by kicking out.

In 2016, a 33-year-old mother in France developed a tear on her uterus, through which her unborn baby's foot, still enclosed in the amniotic sac, went through.

"Rupture pregnancy" is considered to be extremely rare.

But after a scan, doctors saw the baby's leg in a unusual location.