Boy Scouts of America to become fully inclusive for girls


In a unanimous vote by the Boy Scouts of America board, girls will now be allowed in troops after years of requests for the change by families and girls themselves. But the 21-year-old never received the same recognition as her son, now 19, who earned the Eagle Scout title.

The Boy Scouts plan to start allowing girls to form parallel Boy Scout troops in 2019.

And the title of Cub Scout and Eagle Scout that was reserved for boys, is about to change.

"I think the girls will be the ones who lose out in the long run", she said.

The Boy Scouts of America announced Wednesday it will soon be admitting girls to its ranks, but one group in particular is not pleased with the news. Instead of addressing systemic issues of continuing sexual assault, financial mismanagement and deficient programming, BSA's senior management wants to add an accelerant to the house fire by recruiting girls. "I mean, he loved boy scouting the whole time he was in", Pulley said. The council represents 18 counties in the Big Country area.

"While numerous programs may be the same - camping and outdoor adventure - when we talk about leadership we know that when girls get to the middle school level, there's research that they tend to sit back, they let the boys lead, and we don't want to see that happen to a whole generation of young women", Barneby said.

Conrad said the decision was years in the making after conducting numerous studies.

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"I really hope that we don't compete with each other for youth", Smotherman said. We want to make sure all kids, girls [and] boys, know the scout law, the scout oath. Stone said they've been pushing for full inclusion.

The decision to integrate girls into Boy Scouts' programs has been met locally with an unenthusiastic response.

Girls have been a part of the Boy Scouts of America since 1971, when BSA began offering the co-ed Exploring and Venturing program.

"If the program does go in a co-ed direction, I think the fundamental character of it changes", he said.

"No one understands girls better than we do, and despite the recent announcement by Boy Scouts, we don't think that the experience we have or the longevity of that experience is easily gonna be replaced or replicated overnight", says Christi Robinson, Communications Consultant, Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana.

A press release from the Girl Scouts of Western New York states the organization is against the idea.