Aston Martin DB11 Volante arrives next spring starting at $216495


Aston Martin unveiled the DB11 on Friday, a luxury convertible that could help extend a turnaround at the British carmaker that is being helped by cost-cutting and surging sales of its DB11 luxury sports vehicle.

Aston Martin is known for doing personalisation rather well and if you hand the company's Q department enough money, you can indulge your imagination for as long as your cash will last.

"The new DB11 Volante captures those qualities perfectly and promises the kind of pleasure and enjoyment that can only come from driving an open-top Aston Martin".

For now, the convertible will be available exclusively with the V8. While no mention has been made of a DB11 V12 Volante, this engine is offered with the coupe, so it's likely to follow in due course.

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Performance-wise, the DB11 is no slouch. If you were hoping for a V12 DB11 convertible, your hopes are dashed.

The Volante has enough grunt to hit 62mph in 4.1 seconds and has a top speed of 187 miles per hour. The V8 is mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission that sends the power to the rear wheels. The canvas won out because it is easier to package and allowed designers to keep the height of the rear decklid low, thereby preserving the DB11's sleek lines, Palmer said. It can be operated remotely from the key, or on the move at speeds of up to 31mph with a 31mph headwind.

With prices starting at £159,900, the DB11 Volante is a hefty £15,000 more expensive than the DB11 V8 coupe. That means tons of brogued leather, wood accents, and a Mercedes-Benz-sourced infotainment system. Its lines are stronger yet more elegant because they're not being visually disrupted by a roof, while very smart touches of craftsmanship such as the wooden veneer that adorns the seat backs and which is plain for all to see each time the fabric roof is down add a subtle touch of class.

Prices for the Volante start at £159,900 in the United Kingdom, €199,000 in Europe and $216,495 in the US.