Amazon Exec Suspended Amid Sexual Harassment Claim


Amazon has suspended Roy Price, its point man in Hollywood and the head of its ambitious video program.

Hackett told THR she went public partly because she was inspired by the women who had the courage to come forward to accuse Weinstein, a powerful show business executive who threatened to ruin people's careers.

That article included few specifics about Ms. Hackett's claims, with Ms. Hackett providing a statement that she did not "wish to discuss the details of this troubling incident with Roy except to say Amazon investigated immediately and with an outside investigator".

The allegations also come as explosive sexual assault allegation against movie mogul Harvey Weinstein continue to surface.

In a story posted Thursday by The Hollywood Reporter, Hackett says the encounter occurred after a San Diego Comic-Con event in 2015 promoting "Man in the High Castle".

"You will love my dick", Price allegedly said, according to Hackett's account, despite Hackett reiterating that she wasn't interested, telling Price she is a lesbian with a wife and children.

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Hackett claimed Price did not stop once they arrived at the party and even approached her and loudly said, "Anal sex!" in her ear.

There was no immediate response from Price.

Once in the cab, Hackett says Price repeatedly and insistently propositioned her.

In a series of tweets Thursday, McGowan attacked Bezos and the tech giant he leads for failing to hear her early claims about being "raped" by Weinstein and for "funding rapists, alleged pedos and sexual harassers".

Amid the Weinstein sexual harassment cases first reported by the New York Times, the question was asked whether or not this was just the tip of the iceberg.

The allegations come after Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein was sacked because of his sexual harassment of many actress and other women over the years.