Trump says Puerto Rico can't get aid 'forever'


They'll be delivered to Puerto Rico this week. They have now been hit with two awful storms, leaving the island in near total ruin.

During a National Hispanic Heritage Month reception on October 11, Vice President Pence said the Trump administration will support hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico until the island "is restored bigger and better than ever before".

The US President, quoting author Sharyl Attkisson, accused Puerto Ricans of creating a looming financial crisis "largely of their own making".

These folks are US citizens but don't vote in our elections. Numerous fellow soldiers that were drafted when I entered service were from P.R. According to the 2000 census, there are more Puerto Rican veterans than there are from one of the original states, DE as well as several other states. Specifically, he said that a proposal to encourage US companies to bring their foreign profits home "would likely give the typical American household a $4,000 pay raise" or more, citing the White House Council of Economic Advisers (CEA).

Puerto Ricans are US citizens and deserve the same support from our government as any other USA citizen in time of need in a catastrophe.

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But maybe the best comments came from former national team member and current ESPN analyst Taylor Twellman , who went off on the state of the U.S.

Florida Association of Broadcasters President and CEO Pat Roberts spearheaded this initiative on the ground and successfully secured transportation of the radios from Miami to Puerto Rico.

Mr. Grillo's column stated that "money should be used for Wounded Warriors and their families and the veterans who have fought for and on behalf of the citizens of the US", I agree. They have a governor and elect a commissioner who represents the island in our Congress but has no vote. "I'd put myself down as a skeptic", Mark Mazur, a former tax policy chief at the U.S. Treasury and current head of the Tax Policy Center, tells CNNMoney, noting that corporate profits are already high and aren't broadly being shared with workers.

Trump has been roundly criticized for his leadership in coming to Puerto Rico's aid.

It's been three weeks since Hurricane Maria slammed into Puerto Rico, and the recovery is going painfully slow.