Ten million players leap into Fortnite's Battle Royale mode


Epic Games claims they had to reverse-engineer and modify Fortnite's source code to do this, creating an unauthorized derivative work that's in violation of the Copyright Act.

A report from TorrentFreak suggests the Fortnite developer has filed at least two lawsuits against two of its most notorious cheaters. Last Sunday saw an all-time record of 525,000 concurrent players on their team-based shooter Fortnite, whilst today brings the news that 10 million players are hitting the game's recently released Battle Royale standalone mode. Thousands of accounts have since been banned.

Wow. People really like Fortnite's Battle Royale mode, then?

"To start, addressing cheaters in Fortnite is the highest priority across Epic Games", said Epic community coordinator Nathan Mooney in a statement on October 4. The targeted cheaters, Brandon Broom and Charles Vraspir, are allegedly support staff on cheat website AddictedCheats, which sells cheats and hacks.

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Let's be straight for a second, nobody likes playing with cheaters. These axioms are particularly true in this case.

By combining the building mechanics of Fortnite with the intense survival gameplay of "battle royale" games, Fortnite: Battle Royale has drawn a huge number of players looking to scratch that survival itch, with the game having crossed a big milestone since release.

Broom has been banned once and stated he's working on his own cheat for the game, and Vraspir was banned nine times. However, if you want to send a strong message against potential cheaters, this is the way to do it.