Seth Meyers gives viewers Eminem's ultimatum: Pick me or pick Trump


"I will say, I definitely felt that cloud on election night to some degree", Meyers began, alluding to the fact that Trump has not been a fan of his for quite some time.

Despite the negative response from some Trump supporters, the rapper received widespread acclaim for the passionate performance across social media.

Watch Eminem's full cypher below. "Get off the fence".

(.) All se awful tragedies must be boring you - which is boring/Packers (NFL team), and it adds up to Twitter (.) And if re are supporters among my fans/draw a boundary between us (.) You're eir with him or against him, and if you can't decide who you love more, and if you don't know who you're going to stay with/who you are, let me help you with that. "I know it's a tough call!"

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The night after Eminem literally gave the middle finger to all of his fans who might also support President Donald Trump, Seth Meyers had his own 8 Mile moment.

Over on CBS, James Corden also joked about the video, noting that it was shot in a parking garage, which made it "a really intense shoot-not because Eminem was taking down the president, but because they had to get the whole crew out of the parking structure in under an hour, or it was going to be 20 bucks a auto". "So it seems very odd to think of myself as someone who might be a potential victim of this administration just because of how many are actual and real-life victims of this presidency". "I think that's Macklemore!"

At the Paley Center event, Meyers pivoted to say he doesn't feel like he's actually on the front lines of resisting Trump these days as there are others who, unfortunately, have more to fear.