Reasons Why filming stops for a devastating reason


Wildfires raging in Northern California - which have killed 21 people and burned more than 3,500 structures since starting Sunday - have disrupted filming on the second season of Netflix's 13 Reasons Why, EW has confirmed. Cast and crew members have been flown home as a courtesy during the pause in filming.

More than 20 wild fires, due to dry conditions and Santa Ana winds, have destroyed areas in north California, with the wine district being the worst hit. There are more people there in need of help than can even be expressed in words. The Netflix series films in the Vallejo area, which is just south of Sonoma and Napa, in Solano County, which now includes some mandatory evacuation areas. "Sending love and thoughts to everyone involved".

Cast member Devin Druid, who portrays Tyler Down in the massively popular drama series, also addressed the situation through social media.

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"The NorCal/Bay Area has been my home for nearly a year while filming 13 Reasons Why".

13 Reasons Why season 2 is slated to premiere at some point in 2018, and for the time being it doesn't feel as though there is any reason to think that the show will see a delay in its premiere because of this. Before her death, Hannah records a collection of tapes explaining the circumstances that led her to end her own life, including the people who contributed to that decision.