Paris Officially Says It's Phasing Out All Non-Electric Cars


Less than two weeks after Paris celebrated its third annual Day Without Cars, its mayor has decreed that the schedule for moving out fossil-fuel powered cars is moving up.

France, along with the United Kingdom, made headlines earlier this summer by announcing plans to phase out sales of gasoline- and diesel-engined cars by 2040, but it appears the city of Paris has an even earlier target in mind.

In a statement announcing the transition to only electric cars in Paris, officials made sure to clarify that the removal of all other types of cars by 2030 should not be interpreted as a ban but a "trajectory". Paris is already part of a group of cities that includes Madrid, Mexico City and Athens that plan to end the use of diesel-engined cars by 2025, collectively representing metropolises that are home to 42 million people. Hidalgo also introduced car-free days and zones as well as a 20-mph (32 kph) speed limit throughout the city.

Don't call it a ban, though.

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Christophe Najdovski, chief of city's transport policies, said that fossil-fueled vehicles are one of main factors that led to greenhouse gas emissions.

Diesel-powered vehicles are actually set to be outlawed in Paris before their gas-powered equivalents.

Fortunately for Paris, strong incentives already exist for the switch to electric.

"New registration (from 2030) will only be possible for cars with Carbon dioxide emissions of less than 50 grams per kilometer", a government statement said, adding that only electric and plug-in hybrid cars fulfill such criteria at present.