Occulus Go Is A RM840 Standalone VR Headset


Audi is one of Oculus For Business' launch partners and has been utilising Oculus Rift to build VR auto showrooms. The display is a fast-switch LCD screen with a resolution of 2560x1440 pixels, and it comes with integrated headphones.

Barra also previewed a new generation of controllers for this standalone high-end headset.

The new product is meant to be more practical and accessible than Facebook's current flagship VR device, Oculus Rift, which requires a paired computer system to work - limiting its use to the home and to those who can afford a PC with the specifications needed to run virtual reality applications. "To become an indispensable part of our daily lives, VR must continue to impact the ways we collaborate, discover, and learn, at scale", Oculus said.

Samsung has worked with Oculus in the past on its Gear VR headsets, and Oculus appears to be building on that platform with the Go headset.

Facebook has shaken up Oculus management team since then in a series of moves that included the departure of founder Palmer Luckey earlier this year. The auto company is using Oculus for Business to build VR showrooms to allow customers to walk around the place and configure the vehicle themselves before they make the purchasing decision.

For audio, the Oculus Go uses spatial audio, something that was used in the Rift as well.

After its successful Summer of Rift program, where it dropped the price temporarily to £399 for six weeks, the Rift will now stay at that price permanently.

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At its fourth annual Oculus Connect conference, the Facebook-owned Oculus announced a series of products to push Facebook's VR-focused strategy. The standalone device will ship in early 2018 starting at $199.

In addition to the Oculus Go reveal, Facebook's head of VR Hugo Barra provided an update on Project Santa Cruz, Facebook's prototype movement-tracking standalone headset. It's the company's plan to attract a wider audience. probably because the general consumer isn't flocking to buy a gaming computer and a $400 headset.

Oculus also showcased its new Rift 2.0 interface that's designed around touch and motion control.

If you want to have the best VR set-up, right now the best bet is to go with any PC supported VR. You can also visit your friends' virtual homes.

Oculus had released the VR Avatars feature previous year. Developers can even debug their VR apps while inside them, using Visual Studio, Unity, and Unreal.

Upgrades for Oculus Avatars was also introduced in the conference.

The announcement makes a lot of sense for Oculus.