McDonald's Szechuan sauce promotion event a blunder


Literal temper tantrums were thrown by superfans who referred to themselves as "Pickle Ricks" and berated McDonald's employees, employees who had no control over how much fucking sauce was available. The point the writers are trying to make is that nothing matters, which is why Rick, an amoral sociopath, would literally cause all this destruction over a formula for secret sauce.

In the premiere of "Rick and Morty" season 3, Rick made a trip back to 1998 to get the Szechuan nugget sauce once again. The famous and rare sauce will be a standard offering in McDonald's come winter, and they also assured the hungry fans that the high demand for Szechuan would be met with equal supply of the fabled sauce. "I'm not gonna try it", Bogal said, "I'm just gonna keep it forever if I get it". At one of them, he spoke with people in line who told him they had been there since 8 a.m. "I was expecting a big outcome, especially because [the University at Buffalo] is right next to us", Ijichi commented. I don't know how popular "Rick and Morty" is across the greater South Bend area, but I know many impassioned fans on our own campus, so perhaps I should have expected the numbers. She went all out for the event, dressing up as Rick with the wig to match her cosplay. According to a first-hand account on Youtube, customers who had waited upwards of 10 hours in line were bypassed by people who had only been there for half an hour, and the restaurant did not have almost enough sauce for all. However, not many people who were the first 50 in line got gifts.

Tasting the sauce again would have been "fulfilling a childhood dream", he said.

While some left either with a sauce, poster or sticker, many left empty handed. Threats and online badgering were directed at McDonald's, all over a packet of sauce mentioned once in a cartoon. The company apologized for the shortage in a pinned tweet: "The best fans in the multiverse showed us what they got today".

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To maximize its popularity, the company announced they were bringing back the "super limited" Szechuan sauce in select stores on October 7.

However, this might not be the end for the legendary sauce.

To say that yesterday's extremely limited return of McDonald's cult-classic Szechuan Sauce didn't go well is an understatement.

Well, congratulations, "Pickle Ricks", you're more like your favorite cartoon scientist than you think because you ruined something as wholesome as a Disney promotion, berated innocent employees and caused an internet outbreak all because you wanted your fucking sauce. Here's to hoping that it'll happen.