Duterte: PDEA now 'sole agency' in charge of drug war


"The PNP shall, at all times, maintain police visibility, as a deterrent to illegal drug activities leaving to the PDEA, however, the conduct of anti-illegal drug operations as aforestated", the President added.

The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) on Thursday destroyed a total of PHP10.67 million worth of controlled precursors and essential chemicals (CPECs), together with laboratory equipment intended for the production of methamphetamine hydrochloride or shabu.

PNP deputy spokesperson Superintendent Vimelee Madrid said the PNP's order was in adherence to the President's order designating PDEA as the sole agency for government's drugs war.

Duterte lashed out at Western powers who colonised countries, started wars, "stole" oil from the Middle East, and said they had imported "terrorism" to their own shores.

PDEA spokesman Derrick Carreon said the agency was up to the task. "Duterte must stop and scrap the "Oplan Tokhang" anti-drug campaign".

Russians used Kaspersky software for spying
It is unknown what other classified information Russian Federation was able to get their hands on through Kaspersky software. The US Department of Homeland Security ordered all US government agencies to stop using Kaspersky products last month.

This will also be the second time that President Duterte ordered the PNP to stop all anti-drug operations nationwide.

The police have been heavily criticised for their brutal way of handling drug-related arrests. "If the crime is being committed in our presence and we have personal knowledge that a crime is being committed or is about to be committed we will effect the arrest", Madrid said.

That suspension came after a South Korean businessman was kidnapped and killed by anti-drug police.

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte said on Wednesday that Russia will donate a total of 5,000 Russian-made AK-47 Kalashnikov rifles, one of the world's most recognizable firearms.

"PDEA will also lead in the establishing a broad anti-drug coalition, working with agencies - LGUs (local government units), civil society, the Church, business, academe and media to push prevention and rehabilitation initiatives", he added. The petition stated that "the PNP's "War on Drugs" as operationalized under CMC 16-2016 violates the right to life, to due process of law, to be presumed innocent, and to a fair trial by expressly authorizing the summary killing of suspected drug offenders in the guise of "neutralizing" or "negating" them".