Tourists Detained in South Korea After Plastic Surgery


The unidentified women were photographed clutching their passports with heavily swollen faces at an unnamed airport in South Korea.

All three young women traveled from China to South Korea to get plastic surgeries, without imagining that they will become stuck there for days.


The women had flown to South Korea during China's Golden Week - the national holiday where people are encouraged to take paid holidays.

Chinese news anchor Jian Huahua posted the story on Chinese social media site Weibo with a photo she said showed the three women, according to another Weibo account, Beijing Things Beijingers Don't Know, that reposted the photo and the story.

It was unclear whether the women had returned to their home country on October 9. It seems to have be removed by Ms Jian from her account.

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South Korea is one of the most popular destination in the world when it comes to getting any type of plastic surgery, especially the weird kind.

The women do not appear to be the same as the ones stopped in the airport, but it's hard to be sure.

The re-post has gathered over 66,740 "likes" and was shared over 27,800 times. While many netizens found the picture "cute", others were more critical.

It wasn't clear how long they remained at the airport - and if they were able to return to China as of Monday morning.