SNES Classic Mini hack hits Github, kills your social life


That said, Nintendo did prove it can go tiny and functional with its 2005 Game Boy Micro so if the Game Boy Classic Mini were to emerge, we imagine it'd be something similar to the miniature Game Boy Advance. We would not be surprised if Nintendo gave birth to a Game Boy Classic Edition, and not just because it would be a logical release given its recent success with retro gaming.

Nintendo's hit Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) Classic Edition comes with a bunch of, well, classic games such as "Super Mario World" and "Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past" preinstalled.

A Twitter bot following Japanese trademarks has found one from Nintendo for Game Boy. reports that the trademark was recently discovered.

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Here is how the trademark listing appears on website Japan Platform for Patent Information.

The trademark was filed on September 15, and this application covers a number of categories, including programs for smartphones, smartphone cases, key holders, watches, and more. But while Nintendo does not own that distinction, the company is credited with popularizing the concept of a handheld game console, with its original Game Boy released a full decade later on April 21, 1989. Furthermore, not all games may work properly, especially since it was not officially released by Nintendo.

Kotaku reached out to Nintendo prior to publication, but has yet to hear back.