NBC Refused to Report Harvey Weinstein Sex Scandal


Speaking to a videographer for The Daily Mail who noted that the show had made no mention of Mr. Weinstein, Mr. Michaels said, "It's a NY thing".

"By several accounts, at least eight women claiming to have been sexually harassed, abused, or assaulted by Weinstein had agreed to go on camera - majority anonymously in shadow, but two alleged victims with their names and faces", according to the Beast.

According to HuffPost, NBC had concerns about Farrow's sourcing and ultimately gave him the go-ahead to bring his story elsewhere.

And NBC is being criticized as one of those companies who caved to the pressure.

The Daily Beast noted that, internally at NBC, there is a dispute over how many sources Farrow had on the record when he walked out of the door, a sentiment echoed by sources speaking to BuzzFeed News.

"I will say that over many years, many news organizations have circled this story and faced a great deal of pressure in doing so", Farrow told Maddow. After that, Farrow offered it to the New Yorker, Oppenheim said.

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Farrow then discussed NBC's decision to pass on his Weinstein story, and why he chose to bring it to The New Yorker. "In fact, there were multiple determinations at NBC that it was reportable", Farrow continued.

HuffPo, citing anonymous sources, reported that NBC had the report as recently as August, and that Farrow already had the audio recording of Weinstein at that time. But when he showed his early reporting to NBC News executives "he didn't have one accuser willing to go on the record or identify themselves", the magazine quoted a person familiar with the situation. It's a question Rachel Maddow put to Ronan Farrow - until this summer an NBC News contributor fronting a series called Undercovered - who had been working on the story for ten months.

NBC was lambasted for spiking the story online, and many brought up a similar situation involving NBC a year ago. For NBC, the swirling media controversy was immediately reminiscent of another missed opportunity for its news division - the internal leak of its infamous Access Hollywood Donald Trump tape to the Washington Post nearly exactly one year ago. But they were not the first media outlet that had access to the NBC-owned Access Hollywood tape.

A spokesperson for NBC Universal did not respond to TPM's request for comment on Farrow's accusation. The Post said it took five hours to vet and post the story after receiving the tip.

Trump, meanwhile, was furious with NBC on Wednesday for its story about the president's nuclear ambitions as reportedly stated in a national security meeting this summer.

Farrow's piece was originally targeted to air on NBC in February, just as Hollywood was gearing up for the Oscars, sources tell The Hollywood Reporter.