Many in country music mum over gun issues after Vegas deaths


The Las Vegas shooter, Stephen Paddock, owned 47 guns, which puts him in the 3%.

He spoke out after police revealed Paddock had used mathematical calculations to maximise the death toll, working out his optimal distance and bullet trajectory on a piece of paper found in his 32nd-floor hotel suite.

The device is used to turn rifles into automatic weapons, capable of firing hundreds of rounds a minute. Authorities also believe Paddock scouted other hotels with lines of sight to outdoor concert venues. The shooter presses the index finger against a shield that is part of the stock. He outfitted two of the guns with a bump stock which makes the rifle fire automatically using its recoil.

Breitbart News reported that that bump stocks are accessories that were approved by Barack Obama's ATF in 2010. However, accuracy was of little effect to Paddock, who attacked a packed crowd from elevation.

The problem is that the "something", namely all the usual gun-control proposals, isn't well-suited to stopping mass shootings.

So many murders in the name of the Second Amendment.

Mullin was asked by the TDP for further comment, and Republican Brian Jackson and Democrats Jason Nichols and Glenn Schoonover were contacted either by email, Facebook or through their campaign websites. We hope it doesn't happen this time. Good people begin to suspect the worst in one another and we can't even begin to have a conversation about what might help reduce the frequency of these types of incidents. There needs to be action taken to resolve gun violence.

In another development stemming from the Las Vegas shooting, Speaker Ryan quietly moved to table a pending bill to allow the sale of silencers for rifles.

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So, there's an obvious problem here, and what's the solution?

"I feel like I'm constantly on the defensive and I'm trying to raise a 13-year-old and this is what I have to tell her - we have to just assume that everybody has a gun", she said.

Investigators remain largely in the dark about what drove Paddock, a retired real estate investor and high-stakes gambler, to carry out the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history.

They are more often victims of violence than perpetrators. The minimum is applied by

So where will the next mass murder take place? The 347 number includes domestic violence, barroom brawls, convenience store robberies, or gang feuds.

For if Congress allows another tragedy of a mass shooting to occur, that account of violence and bloodshed is on members of the House and Senate. In a 2014 report on active shooters, the Federal Bureau of Investigation did call an incident with three or more fatalities a "mass killing".

Past year also came with another heart-rending incident, when an Islamist, Omar Mateen, went into a gay nightclub at Orlando, Florida, with an assault rifle and a handgun and started spraying the crowd with bullets.

And if almost $31 million toward pro-gun campaign efforts was not enough, trigger-happy lobbyists chipped in another $9 million that year - more than 10 times that of gun control federal lobbying endeavors. Using its yardstick, Mother Jones reports 91 mass shootings since 1982, including seven in 2017. Also, despite the stricter gun laws, the total harvest for deer and hunting license purchases have been unaffected. But the magazine, which has tracked mass shootings since 1982, defended its description after the December 2, 2015, killings in San Bernardino, Calif.