For its 10th anniversary, Amazon's Kindle tries a larger screen size


You'll have access to Amazon's ebook store with the Kindle Oasis, which gives it an advantage over a lot of the other ereaders you can buy.

Amazon has also added Bluetooth to this model. Why? It's still very thin (3.4 millimeters) on one end, with a larger hump on the other. It's super comfortable to hold and has a built-in battery on one side that feels nicely balanced.

Amazon has been notoriously coy when it comes to saying how many units of Kindle it has sold - which was the first piece of hardware Amazon ever made and sold- but Kevin Keith, Amazon's general manager of devices, said in an interview that sales are still "quite good", with "tens of millions" sold.

But the big news with the upgraded Oasis is its waterproofing, a long-requested feature from Kindle fans. Weirdly, last year's Oasis lacked this feature despite the fact that the cheaper Voyage had it previously.

The larger frame makes it slightly heavier - 194 grams, compared to its predecessor's 131 grams.

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But arguably the most interesting new Kindle Oasis feature is deep Audible integration. Amazon has ensured an IPX8 rating so the new Oasis can be dunked in up to two meters of fresh water for up to 60 minutes.

Unlike the original Oasis, the all-new Oasis has a battery life measured in weeks, not hours, lasting an impressive six weeks. That omission is likely what led to the price drop, which seems like a better deal in the long run.

Audible audiobook support has also, finally, arrived. You can connect it to any Bluetooth audio device and easily switch between the spoken word version of a book and the text. You'll still need to buy each separately, at which point the Oasis detects the duplication and merges audiobook and ebook on the home screen and in your library. You can also find a few titles on Amazon's Kindle Unlimited service, which gives you access to a limited selection of books and audiobooks for $10 a month. The screen will also auto-rotate to always be the right way up, however you orientate the device. That should make it easier to read at night. Amazon declined to say how it waterproofed the Kindle, but since it still has an open USB port for charging, it's recommending that people stand the Kindle upright after it's been submerged. This is the first time - apart from the Kindle DX - that Amazon has changed the size, giving you more space to read. Yes, it looked nicer but aside from that there wasn't much to get excited about. Speaking of which, the Oasis's page turning is incredibly fast. Like past year, the screen is flush with the bezel, and the display is crisp and bright e-ink, as before. The device now starts at $250 for a model with 8GB of storage, with a 32GB model available for $280 and a model that adds cellular connectivity available for $350. The latter allows you to download books wherever you can get a phone signal, not just at Wi-Fi hotspots. The new reader is up for pre-order today and will start shipping on October 31. Keep your eyes peeled for the full review, which I'll be posting in the coming weeks.

However, it is not the first e-reader which can be read around water - rival the Kobo launched a water-resistant version three years ago - but has still not dented Amazon's top spot as the most popular brand.