Arby's offering limited edition venison sandwiches again October 21


Bison, boar and ostrich burgers have all found their way onto restaurant menus. "On October 21, we want hunters and meat enthusiasts across the country to visit their local Arby's and enjoy this unbelievable sandwich". In addition, the fast-food chain will begin selling limited-edition elk sandwiches in three restaurants in Colorado, Montana, and Wyoming. The sandwich will be available while supplies last - and they are expected to go quickly. But outside-of-the-box meats aren't necessarily what you'd expect to find at a major fast food chain.

In other good news that's sure to spruce up any deer camp, Arby's has announced it will continue the success it had with venison sandwiches previous year, and they're even taking it up a notch this hunting season.

Unlike last year's limited availability, the sandwich will be sold at all of the 3,300 Arby's restaurants nationwide for one day on October 21. "It's a flawless example of the level of innovation coming from our teams and our commitment to creating experiences that guests can only get at Arby's".

The venison sandwich features a thick-cut venison steak and crispy onions with a berry sauce on a toasted roll.

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The Birch Run and Clio locations were planning to offer the sandwich for three days in November 2016, but both sold out in less than 30 minutes on the first day.

Arby's has more than 3,300 stores in the United States.

Although Arby's is the first national quick-service chain to offer venison, Darden casual-dining subsidiary Seasons 52 has offered venison as a seasonal special for several years.

"The juniper berry sauce is a Cabernet steak sauce infused with juniper berries, giving the already unique sandwich another signature twist", the company said in a press release. Whether you're into unique meats or not-whether you're into fast food fan or not-it all at least sounds pretty tasty.