Apple foldable OLED iPhone ditches Samsung


It is not hidden that Apple used the recent OLED screens in iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X provided by Samsung. While the LG has been given the responsibility of making foldable OLED displays, LG Innotek and Apple have come on board to develop a flexible circuit board that would power these displays in the upcoming iPhones.

Developing a phone from Apple takes a minimum of 12 months before the device is officially launched and in order to get production underway, key elements of the device such as the design and hardware will be shared with its manufacturing partners.

According to a new report from The Investor, Apple has chosen LG Display as its supplier for foldable OLED displays.

The Bell's sources have further said that Apple will be looking to launch this phone in 2020.

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LG reportedly developed a foldable OLED panel prototype two to three years ago and has been upgrading the durability and yield rate since then. The funds would be given to LG as an advance payment for future panel supplies. Samsung now holds a near monopoly over OLED production.

This is one of the reasons why Apple is clearly seeking out other potential OLED suppliers and now it definitely looks like it's LG. Now with the rumors that Apple is also interested in the same space, it is speculated that Samsung and LG will increase their pace and might come up with a foldable and flexible screen device quite soon.

Earlier, there were reports that since Apple has a vested interested in flexible OLEDs, it will be investing $2.6B in supporting LGs new plant. Samsung is expected to announce its foldable Galaxy X smartphone next year, while LG has experimented with it before through flexible phone designs like the LG G Flex.