Amazon's Alexa can now recognize your voice


Amazon's Alexa is learning voice recognition, with the Echo smart speakers set to spot who is talking and offer up personalized replies. Amazon says it'll allow Alexa device owners to "shop confidently" knowing Alexa recognises their voice.

Amazon today announced that Alexa-enabled devices are now able to recognize unique human voices, giving the assistant the power to deliver personalized experiences when it hears you speak. First you'll need to set up an Alexa voice profile, which involves training through the Alexa app. With voice recognition, however, that code can be bypassed, with Alexa only placing the order if she recognizes the person making it.

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We heard recently that Google had made a decision to block YouTube on the Echo Show, the two companies have apparently not come to an agreement regarding YouTube on Amazon devices. Instructions on various ways to create a voice profile can be seen in this Amazon video. Now, six months later, Alexa evens the score. "Today the feature is available for calling/messaging, flash briefing, shopping, and the Amazon Music Unlimited Family Plan, and it'll be rolling out to additional Alexa features in the future". For instance, if I tell Alexa simply to "play music", she'll start playing songs based on my preferences. Users can already keep their kids from going on voice-activated shopping sprees by locking all purchases unless you give a code number. Using the mobile app, users select "Your Voice" in settings and then walk through a series of demo commands to familiarize the software with your voice.