Amazon finally adds Alexa support to its Music app


While Alexa has becoming an increasingly popular method of accessing Amazon's streaming service in the home, the mobile option means voice activation and music can be combined on the move, whether in the auto, running or commuting. Now you can use Alexa to chose your next track.

Similar playlists can be found by navigating through the Amazon Music app and typing in artists or songs, but getting Alexa to do the hard work for you is far more convenient.

If you've been pretty envious of your friends who have been enjoying Alexa on their Echo devices, you non-Echo owning person will finally be able to experience Amazon's digital voice assistant on your Android device. This gives the music lovers another option to find the music they want to play: either by browsing the app interface, or by simply asking Alexa.

Amazon Alexa on Amazon Music is rolling out now to users in the UK, US, Austria and Germany. Alexa will respond to instructions like: "play the song of the day", "play music for cleaning", or "play the new Foo Fighters album". You can even narrow it down by saying something like "Play Oasis from the 90s" - or be more general and say "Play classic rock for cardio".

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The Wall Street Journal reports that Alexa has overtaken mobile as the top way Amazon Music customers listen to music.

Amazon says the Alexa integration will be available in the latest version of the Amazon Music app for iOS or Android, which means you'll need to update if you have an older version of the app installed.

The company earlier this year added Alexa to its main shopping app on iOS and later this summer brought the feature to users of the Amazon app on Android.