Theresa May to chair Cabinet meeting on Brexit plans


It could be one of the most crucial Cabinet meetings of her premiership, after a bruising clash with Boris Johnson and reports of splits in the Cabinet over her Brexit strategy.

No. Sadly not. Think of it as an opening offer that is created to break the current deadlock over the financial settlement in Brussels.

Her twin aims over the next two days are first to try and restore some unity to her Cabinet after a frenzied week and second to win a positive response to her offer from Brussels and European leaders.

Mrs May has just returned from NY, where she addressed the United Nations General Assembly.

The Cabinet meeting begins only a few hours after the PM arrives back in Downing Street from NY after sharing a seven-hour overnight flight with the Foreign Secretary.

But it is claimed he has now stepped back from he brink and is ready to back the PM's offer, after previously saying he "could not live with" further payments to the European Union after the Brexit transition period and telling Brussels to "go whistle".

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Calling for unity he said: "Boris Johnson and Philip Hammond - who has also been on Brexit manoeuvres this summer - must understand that the surest route to a bad deal, or no deal at all, is to go on behaving as they are".

The foreign secretary was later forced to deny reports he was considering resigning if May took a different approach, telling reporters at the United Nations that the cabinet was as unified as a "nest of singing birds".

But the row only deepened on Tuesday when it was reported he was considering resigning if May used her speech on Friday to advocate permanent payments to the EU. The speech has also taken on increased significance in terms of party management following Mr Johnson's intervention.

Sources said that tomorrow's speech will focus on transition arrangements for when Britain officially withdraws from the bloc.

BRITISH Prime Minister Theresa May will hold a special cabinet meeting on the eve of her Brexit speech, a spokesman said on Tuesday (19), as she seeks to bring her ministers in line behind her European Union strategy.

However, in the EU Withdrawal Bill now before parliament, aimed at moving EU rules to domestic law after Brexit, the government has singled out the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights as the only piece of EU law that will not be incorporated.