Review of iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, Apple Watch Series 3


Apple (AAPL) on Wednesday admitted to cellular connectivity problems with its upcoming Apple Watch Series 3 smartwatch, but said it is working on a software fix.

The new Apple watch, the Apple Watch Series 3, has one exciting new feature, but some reviewers are having problems getting it to function properly. If you use Global Positioning System on your new Apple Watch or the headline feature - making calls - the battery takes a real hit.

The Verge is struck by the monthly cost of owning a Apple Watch with cellular connection - on top of the device's (rather high) upfront cost and the (rather high) cost of a cell plan for your phone. Apple crams accelerometers, gyroscopes, heart-rate sensors and 18 hours of battery life, as well as GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, into a product that is just 38 millimetres or 42 millimetres in size.

It's a shame, because the LTE Apple Watch Series 3 starts at the equivalent of £295 in the States (before state tax), whereas it is £399 in the UK. As reported by Reuters, Apple spokeswoman Amy Bessette has confirmed that the company is indeed "investigating a fix for a future software release,".

The mixed reviews of the watch weighed on Apple shares, which were down about 2 percent at $155 in afternoon trading. It hasn't made me throw my phone out, but now I walk the dog and run out for coffee without it, because I can even pay from my wrist.

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Two reviewers from the U.S. publication spent a week testing new models-denoted by a red dot on their dials. Reviewers noted problems with successfully connecting on several carriers, including AT&T and T-Mobile. It turns out that this is not exactly the case and there's nothing that Apple can do to fix it before shipping. The Series 3 now has a faster S3 dual-core processor, said to be 70 per cent faster than its predecessor, and thus enables Apple's voice assistant Siri to speak instead of giving text responses.

If you've ever used or read up on LTE smartwatches, complaints about battery life are the norm.

The Watch Series 3, launched last week alongside iPhone 8 and iPhone X, boasts an array of features, including email, messaging, smart home controls, maps and Siri. The question is ... are the new bells and whistles worth going out and dropping $400 on a watch? Moving to the back of the phone there is huge camera bump and the back is not attractive at all, i mean that's just my opinion but seeing some Android smartphones designs lately this phone looks pretty boring to me. The Watch itself will come out on September 22. Of those, only 164 million are the right iPhones, with the right carrier, on the right tariff to work with the new cellular Apple Watch at launch. However, this was because Apple forgot to install it on the test phones.

Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE looks nearly identical to the previous version, but with a red dot on the crown.