President Trump weighs in on Emmys ratings two days later


At the Emmys on Sunday night, Spicer parodied his previous defense of Trump's claim by joking that the awards show's audience would be larger than ever.

Host Stephen Colbert joked during his opening monologue that he was waiting for a tweet from the President. The very line that they parodied regarding inauguration crowd size was a bald-faced, irrefutable lie. "That's the part I didn't like", she told The Los Angeles Times "I was like, "No!"

"But to watch some of the personal attacks, questioning my integrity, questioning what my intentions were, I think were really over the top", he said.

"It was like, ah, you're just actors and performers". Former colleagues of Spicer's told Axios AM's Mike Allen that he kept "notebook after notebook" at the Republican National Committee and that "Sean documented everything" to help him do his job. Both CNN and Fox News - cable networks notorious for providing homes to ex-White House press secretaries - shot down the idea of Spicer joining their team earlier this month.

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Spicer already has a role as a visiting fellow at Harvard Kennedy School, and is signed with Worldwide Speakers Group for paid speaking engagements. "These Hollywood phonies kissing up to Sean Spicer are disgusting". Also, like Rhodes pointed out, Spicer has no business offering advice and instruction to young political minds, considering that he did a awful job as White House press secretary. "I'm out having some fun".

It appears that the Emmys' criticism of Trump has been sitting with the president since Monday morning, since his tweet references "last night" but was posted on Tuesday.

"Look, I made mistakes. there's no question". This is a very troubling mindset. To me, it is precisely because of Spicer's involvement with Trump that we should never think of him as legitimate or normal again. "The expectation this time will be different is wrong", Bouie said, debunking the idea that that Trump was too toxic to preclude his acolytes from being offered redemption.