Big Brother: Who Will Be Crowned the victor?


Josh defeated both Big Brother veteran Paul Abrahamian and Christmas Abbott in the final three to take home the prize.

"Paul has it in the bag". Also, we don't think that America is going to harass either one of them all that much over it, mostly because of the fact that there is Matt and Raven still out there. Alex and Jason together went for Josh instead, and the same goes for Elena, Mark, and Cody.

Cody hates everything about Big Brother (aside from Jessica).

Josh became known for banging pots and pans in people's faces while yelling insults at them.

Josh, who has been aligned with his "ride or die", Christmas Abbott, was faced with the hard task of choosing between her and Paul. Jason will vote for Josh and most likely Paul if it comes down to he and Christmas as the final two. Regardless of being backstabbed, Alex knows what good game play looks like and will reward Paul with a vote.

When it came time for him to explain why he believes he should win Big Brother, and the half a million dollars, his reasoning made sense.

"I have no words", Josh said after leaving the house. He got really lucky. With four votes for Josh and four votes for Paul, it was Cody Nickson's vote that would be the tie-breaker, which pretty much meant that Paul's fate was sealed. And on the other hand, if Josh wins it instead apparently he's back to considering taking Paul. Meanwhile, she's got a crush on Paul. Christmas, who just got out of the house minutes earlier, voted for Paul. Nobody else deserves it.

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Now I'm not going to in-depth tackle Paul v. Christmas because I don't see that happening, but quickly, should that occur, then I'd say Paul probably sweeps it completely against her.

Alex was by far my favorite player this season on Big Brother. He will throw a vote Paul's way tonight.

If Paul wins and takes Josh it's just another edge for Paul.

Cody: Josh - Cody might not like Josh, but I don't see how he'd justify voting to support Christmas's game. And despite all the "bitter jury" details we're hearing, I don't think it'll matter with Paul against the unlikable Josh. Josh was a jerk to most of the Jurors and while they may be angry at Paul I don't see enough of them going the so-very-bitter route to change the outcome.

"I'm surprised by the lack of gameplay this season!" I mean he is coming over for Thanksgiving Dinner.

Christmas has tried telling them to take each other and send her to the jury.

But even if you aren't thrilled by who won the season, there is one victor we can all cheer for: Cody was named America's Favorite Player, earning $25,000 and responding with his already iconic cheerfulness.