Global Estimates of Modern Slavery: Forced Labour and Forced Marriage


More than a third of the 15 million victims of forced marriage were aged under 18 when Wednesday, and almost half of those were younger than 15.

More than 40 million people were trapped as slaves previous year in forced labour and forced marriages, according to the first joint effort by key anti-slavery groups to estimate the number of victims worldwide of the global crime.

An estimated 15.4 million were also living in forced marriages in 2016 - of this total, 6.5 million were Wednesday in the period 2012-2016.

The report was prepared by the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the Walk Free Foundation, in partnership with the International Organization for Migration (IOM). Nearly one in five child labourers work in the services sector (17.1 per cent) while 11.9 per cent of child labourers work in industry. Women also represent 99 percent of the victims of forced labor in the commercial sex industry and 84 percent of forced marriages.

An estimated 16 of 25 million people in forced labor were in the private sector, including in domestic work, construction, agriculture and fishing.

"These new global estimates can help shape and develop interventions to prevent both forced labour and child labour", he said.

Nearly three out of every four slaves were women and girls and one in four was a child with modern slavery most prevalent in Africa followed by Asia and Pacific, said the report. They were forced to work by private individuals and groups or by state authorities.

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In the past five years, 89 million people experienced some form of modern slavery for periods of time ranging from a few days to the whole five years. About 37 percent (or 5.7 million) of those who were forced to marry were children.

The treatment of millions of girls who were forced to marry against their will finally be recognised for what it is - slavery, hidden under the guise of marriage. Forced marriage An estimated 15.

A second report within the same study shows that 152 million children between 5 and 17, roughly one in 10, are forced to work - 64 million of them are girls, 88 million boys.

Data was collected from over 71,000 people in 48 countries and revealed that the highest rates of modern slavery are in Africa where there are 7.6 victims for every 1,000 people, followed by Asia at 6.1 percent. The child labor is predominantly concentrated in agriculture at 70.9%, while almost 1 in 5 child laborers or 17.1% of the total works in the service industry. Thirty-eight percent of children in hazardous work aged 5 to 14 and nearly two-thirds of those aged 15 to 17 work more than 43 hours per week.

"We must remain aware of the guises in which slavery can present and link these to other policy and agenda issues, such as migration, business practices, gender, humanitarian crises and victim protection if we are to understand and tackle it". The goals are composed of around 169 targets and over 300 global indicators. "It can not capture the full extent of the horror of modern slavery".

Previously the groups had used different data, definitions and methodologies, said Houtan Homayounpour, a specialist on forced labour at the ILO, the United Nations' labour agency.